14 Apr 2014

OX Fanzine wrote a very nice review on our latest exclusive single. They wonder how you put your record player on repeat 

>>>>"Mit Nomadic Childhood hat sich das Duo seinen wahrscheinlich AT THE DRIVE-IN-nigsten Song als Single ausgesucht. Und in diesem Fall pass wohl keine Faust eindeutiger auf das Auge, kein Stempel besser, wirkt keine Schublade angemessener. Was die beiden hier abfeuern, ist bekanntlich schon aller Ehren wert. Dass dazu noch ein famoser Remix von "In Lieu of Flowers" auf die limitierte Platte gepackt wurde, ist um so schöner. Wie stell ich meinem Schallplattenspieler auf Repeat ? (9)"

Still available at !! Get it while you can.


26 Mar 2014

We're proud to announce that we are opening on the mainstage of Wantijpop on June 14th!!

3 Mar 2014

Nice little review on our Tivoli De Helling show with The Red Paintings. 

End of Tour

24 Feb 2014

We'd like thank all of the people that came out to our first proper German Headline tour very deeply.
And thanks to our dear friends in Steak Number Eight. Man, they ruled every night and set the bar extremely high. Amazing band.

This tour ruled!


12 Feb 2014

Gemany here we come!!

17 - Feb. Saarbrücken - Garage Saarbrücken
18 - Feb. Köln - U2 Underground Cologne
19 - Feb. Frankfurt - 11er
20 - Feb. Berlin - Monarch Berlin
21 - Feb. Hamburg - Molotow

Tickets here:

3 Feb 2014

Wanna know how our Nomadic Childhood 7" (Tour Edition) was made and put together? See for yourself. Coolest YouTube clip I've seen in a while! Thanks to Redfield Records.


New Vinyl!

23 Jan 2014

We will release a very special 7" single in February. With "Nomadic Childhood" (for the loudness) and the wonderful remix of "In Lieu of Flower" by Analogue Dear.
Plus amazing (no, seriously!) artwork like we've never seen before by, which makes it authentic as hell and a Death Heads must have.

Check it out, you can pre-order it here:

New merch

20 Jan 2014

Fuck yeah, new merch got in. Like these black puppies.
For the hardcore Death Heads . We'll be selling them on our German tour in February for sure!!
Make sure to come out peeps. Duende & Victor

17 - Feb. Saarbrücken - Garage Saarbrücken
18 - Feb. Köln - U2 Underground Cologne
19 - Feb. Frankfurt - 11er
20 - Feb. Berlin - Monarch Berlin
21 - Feb. Hamburg - Molotow

Tickets here:


19 Dec 2013

Yes, in exactly one week we will have our LAST show of the year. We'll be headlining the Weihnachts-Festival in Emmerich am Rhein! If you're in the area, come celebrate the end of the year with us!

27 Nov 2013

We're lucky bastards to say that for our GERMAN HEADLINE TOUR in February 2014 we got the backup by some awesome people. Shout out to Allschools Network, Putpat, FUZE Magazine and OxFanzine. We are grateful!

Get your tickets for our German HEADLINE tour here:


22 Nov 2013

Yes, yes, yes GERMANY!
Here are the ticket links for our HEADLINE tour in Germany in February 2014.
With support: Steak Number Eight. You can get your tix now!!!

Thank you and hopefully we'll see you all at the shows!!
xoxo Duende & Victor

Germany 2014

13 Nov 2013

Fuck yeah, our own HEADLINE tour in Germany. February 2014.
And we bring with us a monstrous band, and our dear friends, Steak Number Eight.




11 Nov 2013

Thank you so much Saarbrücken and Jimmy Eat World. Wow, what a view!!
We'll be back at Garage Saarbrücken February 17th.

See you there!!


31 Oct 2013

This FRIDAY, we're most likely gonna have our LAST show in the Netherlands this year...
We'll be headlining the GOOTHSTOCK FESTIVAL in Ridderkerk. We'll go on at about 23:00.
Be there or be...... well you know what .

16 Oct 2013

November 10th we will support Jimmy Eat World again. At Garage Saarbrücken. And November 14th we will support Rival Schools at Falkendom in Bielefeld. Amazing news. We can't wait!!

Get your tix here:
Nov - 10th:
Nov - 14th:

Reeperbahn Festival

1 Oct 2013

Holy shit Hamburg, you fuckers ALWAYS deliver. Damn.
Did two shows on Reeperbahn Festival. And last night's show... Well, that most definitely is in our top three of craziest fucking shows we've ever done. Wow!!

Pics/vids likely to be online soon. Thank you for those who made it possible and were a part of it. We're grateful for it.

We'll be back soon!!

xoxo Duende & Victor.


20 Sep 2013

Best fucking band we've ever played with!!!
This second tour with And So I Watch You From Afar was killer. Brothers! We wanna thank them and their crew so much. We loved every second of it. And we've got a feeling this might not be the last time we join forces........... 


10 Sep 2013



2 Sep 2013

A personal message from us on our YouTube channel about the And So I Watch You From Afar tour!


13 Aug 2013

A full house, a lot of people on the square outside (some people who were outside even tried getting in through the windows, haha).
We saw everyone, inside AND outside, rocking out.. fuck yeah. Thank you so much Haldern Pop festival. It was a killer show.

We'll be back soon! x


24 Jul 2013

We are really excited for the upcoming weeks. So much great festivals and club shows to play. Can't wait! Who of you Death Heads is coming to one (or more ;)) of these?

25.07. DE- München, Ahoi München Rock
26.07. DE- Großefehn, Omas Teich Festival
27.07. DE- Berlin, Greenville Music Festival
29.07. DE- Köln, Stollwerck (w/ Texas Is The Reason)
30.07. DE- Wiesbaden, Schlachthof (w/ Texas Is The Reason)
02.08. NO- Uskendalen, Festidalen
06.08. NL- Renesse, 't Lub
10.08. DE- Haldern, Haldern Pop
30.08. DE- Bremen, Überseefestival


6 Jul 2013

We are fucking THRILLED to announce that we are touring with the great And So I Watch You From Afar in Germany again in September. We can't wait!! x

Jimmy Eat World

19 Jun 2013

Tonight's gonna be our biggest show in Berlin so far. Wow.
Starting to feel the good juices flowing! 

14 Jun 2013

Yo Holland!
We're headlining the Rotorock festival in Berkel en Rodenrijs on July 13th.
And our friends in Misery Kids are playing too.



7 Jun 2013

More great gig news regarding Germany.

We are supportingJimmy Eat World at Astra Kulturhaus Berlin 19th of june!!!
And we are playing the great Reeperbahn Festival 25-29th of September.
Here all German dates so far.

Texas Is The Reason

5 Jun 2013

We are very, VERY proud to tell you that we are supporting Texas is the Reason on these following GERMAN shows on their last tour EVER. Wow.

29 - july Köln - Stollwerck

30 - july Wiesbaden - Schlachthof

23 May 2013

Ahoi Rock Festival (München) line-up looking classy.

So for that weekend it's:
25 Jul 2013     Ahoi Rock     München (DE)    
26 Jul 2013     Omas Teich Festival     Grossefehn (DE)    
27 Jul 2013     Greenville Music Festival     Berlin (DE)    

Who is joining us for a long HOT summer weekend?

11 May 2013

Review @ :
"Tot The Daughter Of A Diplomat waar duidelijk met vuur in de vorm van vreemde effectjes en synths gespeeld wordt.
Op zich zouden al de dingen die ze hierin steken belachelijk moeten klinken, maar bij Death Letters, op dit ‘Common Prayers’, werkt het en zorgt het voor een welgekomen afwisseling."


1 May 2013

We're coming for ya this friday. We're playing Magasin 4 in Brussels this friday. Come hang!

Supports are: San Diablo + Hot For Doom


25 Apr 2013

We are insanely proud to inform you that we will be playing the Haldern Pop Festival this year!!!!
Such a great festival. Can't wait!!


24 Apr 2013

Yesterday playing at 3FM was really fun. You Dutch rascals wanna hear these songs in full force in a club this week? Here are the TOURDATES (starting tonight in Paradiso):

24-apr-13 Paradiso - Amsterdam
25-apr-13 Luxor Live - Arnhem
27-apr-13 Ekko - Utrecht
28-apr-13 Rotown - Rotterdam

Presbyterian Hospital:
We Chant Arhytmically:
Nomadic Childhood:

22 Apr 2013

Tonight we will be playing LIVE on national radio station 3FM. Where we'll be playing a couple of songs!
Tune in from 22:00. You can also tune in ONLINE here:

Record Store Day

20 Apr 2013

So, tomorrow we're playing instore shows for Record store day AND (!!!) we'll close the day with us doing a DJ SET in a club across the street of Velvet Delft after our show there. Come hang with us.

10.00 Velvet Rotterdam
12.30 Velvet Breda
14.15 De Waterput, Bergen op Zoom
18.00 Velvet Dordrecht
21.30 Velvet Delft

15 Apr 2013

HOLLAND! Who of you Death Heads are coming to our headline shows in April? Gonna be some special shows!

14 Apr 2013

A massive thanks to And So I Watch You From Afar and crew for having us on your tour and to the lads of Gallops. We loved it!!! x

10 Apr 2013

A little impression of Munich!
Tonight  we play HAFENKLANG in Hamburg! With And So I Watch You From Afar. Looking forward to it so much. Last time we played there it was really something special.

31 Mar 2013

YEAH! Germany, we're very happy to announce that we'll be playing the 'Omas Teich Festival' (with Bloodhound Gang, Fall Out Boy, The Joy Formidable and more).

Presbyterian Hospital

26 Mar 2013

Check out this brand new video of us playing "Presbyterian Hospital" of "Common Prayers" in the 'Trinitatiskapel' (church) in Dordrecht. Enjoy!

And share like there's no tomorrow... if ya like ;).

22 Mar 2013

Fuck yeah tomorrow's show at Poppodium Metropool is SOLD OUT. Really looking forward to it. We always have had great shows there!


21 Mar 2013

There are very few tickets left for the show in Poppodium Metropool in Hengelo this saturday.
So make sure to get your tix fast!!!

Sold out

14 Mar 2013


Release Show

14 Mar 2013

There are very few tickets left for the show in Bibelot Poppodium tomorrow so if you wanna be there make sure to get your tickets NOW!

Fuck yeah, let's get this place SOLD OUT. It's gonna be awesome!

Tix here:


8 Mar 2013

Unfortunately we have to cancel our German headline shows BUT it's because of a VERY good reason.
'Cause we are doing the support tour for..…. And So I Watch You From Afar!! Hell to the fucking yeah.

If you've bought tickets for one of our German headline shows please send an email to and we'll sort things out (guestlist).
Thank you very much. We're sorry for the inconvenience. It sucks to cancel these shows, but this a valid reason right?
We are so stoked to play with ASIWYFA!!

6 Mar 2013

We'd very much like to let you know we just got some amazing news.
Too excited to not post anything about it. Soon all about it.

Let's get the touring started already!!!!!

28 Feb 2013

Haha, this is amazing. Death Letters goes Charlie Chaplin.


24 Feb 2013

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ALREADY HAVE THE VINYL WITH DOWNLOADCODE: the website had a bug, but it's working now!!!

You can download your mp3's right away, using the code hidden in your vinyl sleeve.


23 Feb 2013

Last night was truly one of most special moments/gigs/experiences we, as a band, have ever had.

I can't put into words how intense and beautiful this was for us.
To play in front of a fully packed church as a official release for this new album that is so dear to us... It's just.. Wow.

Thank you so fucking much! We are seriously about to explode of adrenaline, positive energy and extreme focus we have for the electric/'full on' shows the next months. We strive for the same angelic and heavenly experience that we felt yesterday. That WILL happen.

Thank you once again, you Death Heads.
We'll see you on tour!!

xxxx Duende & Victor

Pic by Peter Paul van der Hout


19 Feb 2013

Yeah Death Heads!!!

Look at what we got!
The vinyl versions of Common Prayers. No better way to listen/look at/enjoy a record.

So fucking proud!

New video!

8 Feb 2013

Hey everybody!

Here is the beautiful music video for 'We Chant Arhythmically'.
Created by JW van den Ban, who did all the artwork for Common Prayers (and Post-Historic too!).

It's brilliant. Check it out!



Pre-order bundles!!

4 Feb 2013

Yes! Special bundles for the connoisseurs amongst us. Including crazy bundles like PERSONAL DELIVERY and LIVE BUNDLES. Seriously check it out in our webshop ;).


29 Jan 2013

Dear Death Heads!

A very special announcement.

We're doing a acoustic show in a Church in Dordrecht (see flyer).
You can order by just sending a private message.

It's gonna be something very special and we are really looking forward to it.
There are limited tickets too, so get your tix fast. x

New Song!

22 Jan 2013

Alright Death Heads!!! Here's a new song of Common Prayers, 'Nomadic Childhood'. Enjoy! Bring back the headbang!!

Common Prayers Release

21 Jan 2013

February 22nd our new album COMMON PRAYERS will be released.

These are the Dutch tour dates!!!
Can't fucking wait. Please share these with all your friends and family and we'll see each other at these shows, alright ;)?!

15-March BIBELOT Dordrecht
24-April PARADISO Amsterdam
25-April LUXOR LIVE Arnhem
27-April EKKO Utrecht
28-April ROTOWN Rotterdam



14 Jan 2013

Check out this column Duende wrote for Popunie.
Looking back on 2012 and talking tour stories!

p.s. Only in Dutch, sorry!


8 Jan 2013

Yoooo! 2013 is here.
Oh boy, how much we've got in store for this year!!
In the meantime, enjoy this FAB pic of us wishing you all the best for this year. We'll see eachother soon alright?

Photo by IamKat

Common Prayers

17 Dec 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the cover of our upcoming album 'COMMON PRAYERS'. And here below the tracklisting!

1. Common Prayers
2. We Chant Arhythmically
3. Nomadic Childhood
4. Presbyterian Hospital
5. I Am The Coma
6. That Shady Look From The Party Crowd
7. Omniscient, So You Are
8. Time Or The Satellites
9. The Daughter Of A Diplomat
10. In Lieu of Flowers
11. Common Prayers Epilogue


11 Dec 2012

Yes! We can finally unleash a new song.
'We Chant Arhythmically' of our upcoming album (early 2013). Please share/RT the shit out of this link/song. Thank you so much! x


And for our German friends, it's also on Vimeo:

6 Dec 2012

Who wants to hear a new song?

New tour video

4 Dec 2012

Eyooo! New tour videooo. Enjoy!
And for our German family it's on Vimeo too.
Share it if you fancy ;). Cheers!

28 Nov 2012

This tour has been such a wild and amazing ride.
We wanna thank our manager Arjo for the relentless drives we've done and the awesome lights she provided. And of course our new friends in Disco Ensemble and crew.
Miikka, Jussi, Lasse, Mikko, Mikko (Lights), Joni, Jarno and Rowan. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you and we already miss you! And to all the new people who we've met/bought merch/showed us their bands/took pictures and took care of us. We're gonna be back!!!

Fuck yes brothers and sisters.
x Duende and Victor.


25 Nov 2012

BELGIUM!! We are gonna celebrate the last show of the year with YOU guys. On the Glimps Festival in Gent, december 15th. See you there!!

24 Nov 2012


FUCKING HELL Berlin! Most awesome show of our tour with Disco Ensemble. Tonight it's the last one. LOGO, Hamburg. Let's see if you guys can top last night. Hamburg has always been very special to us, so bring it you guys ;)!!! And if you know the place it's gonna be one sweaty and CHAOTIC show. x

21 Nov 2012


GERMANY!! You can win tickets for the last couple of shows for the tour we're doing with Disco Ensemble.
For Leipzig/Berlin/Hamburg. But there are also some tickets left, I believe.

Hamburg is almost sold out though. See you there!
Tonight PRAGUE!! 


Wer möchte Disco Ensemble live erleben? Wir verlosen 2x2 Tickets für Konzerte der finnischen Band in Leipzig (22.11.), Berlin (23.11) und Hamburg (24.11.). Alles was ihr tun müsst, erfahrt ihr in unserem Smartphone Blog:
Als kleinen Vorgeschmack könnt ihr hier ( die aktuelle Single „Second Soul“ anschauen. Welches unserer Modelle hat im Video einen Auftritt?

11 Nov 2012

Just arrived in Switzerland for 2 days off. Been touring for 11 days straight. We're at the halfway point now, which feels kind of weird in a good way. Can't wait to play Switzerland too, it's gonna be our first time. Yes yes! Yesterday in Lindau was really nice. Probably saw the best dancing of the tour up until now ;). Take care ya'll! x

29 Oct 2012

Here we fucking go!!!!!!!!


23 Oct 2012

We've got some awesome new flyers for our big ass tour with Disco Ensemble!
Check it!!!


21 Oct 2012

Tampere, thank you very very much! This won't be our last time in Finland, we can tell you that ;)!!

UK review

3 Oct 2012

An AWESOME review on our show in Birmingham!!

"Transcending any obvious categorisation, their tunes span a diverse spectrum from post-rock ambient melancholy right through to bursts of riff-heavy aggressive mania and everything in-between."

"(.............), Death Letters' real strength is in their adept songwriting and its execution in a live context which makes the most of their minimal set-up."

"Most impressive is the wonderfully atmospheric soundscapes they manage to attain with just guitar and drums and, likewise, the level of energy and intensity when they heavy it up. And the audience seem to love 'em judging by the loud cheers and applause they receive. It's certainly deserved."

Photo by Mark Holmes

UK reviews

14 Sep 2012

Rock Sound on their album Post-Historic:

“It’s a great piece of work, which never compromises to 1 style.”

(also featured on the Rock Sound CD October)

Big Cheese Magazine:

“Melting together post-rock elements of Oceansize and hardcore riffs that remind of At The Drive-In, the real art lies in their mature combination of different genres which indicates a lot of promising potential for Death Letters’ future.”


‎"Unbelievably, the righteous racket created by Dutch post-rockers Death Letters is the product of just two people;singer/guitarist Duende Ariza Lora and drummer Victor Brandt have, with the help of former Dandy Warhols and …Trail of Dead producer Chris Smith, created a sophomore album of blistering power yet restrained aggression that deserves to enjoy a long future as a classic of the genre." 9/10

Rock Sound!

12 Sep 2012

Hell to the freaking Yeah!! We are featured in the Rock Sound Magazine (!!) in the UK. PLUS we are on their free cd that comes with it as well! Go pick that magazine up ;).

28 Aug 2012



20 Aug 2012

Hey Germany! Guess who's coming back in town ;).

Studio Update

4 Aug 2012

Hey everybody!
So, last week we had 2 amazing shows in Finland. We truly are the definition of lucky bastards. But last monday, very early in the morning, we left the nice people of Finland. We flew back and then drove straight to the studio for a week filled with guitars. No fucking around, back to work. It's amazing how the new record REALLY takes shape now. I lost count of all the goose bumps I felt last week. The guitars are done for about 50%. I've been slogging and playing guitar 'til my fingers became sore. Repeating the same guitar part for several hours is no exception! Because this record is not supposed to be 'awesome' or 'wicked'. Hell no! This record has got to be, every aspect of it, INSANE. In the most heaviest 'headache' parts to the most subtle and 'moving' songs. Thanks guys and gals! We'll talk soon ;). X


17 Jul 2012

Making a new record is fun!

4 Jul 2012

Hey guys! The Dutch show is gonna be in 't Beest in Goes on October 6th. Zeeland!!!

2 Jul 2012

FUCK YEAH!! We just finished practicing the last song for the new album. In two weeks it's studio time!! :)

Norway tour

28 Jun 2012

We're coming for you, Norway!!

23 Jun 2012

Surreal. We're being played on American radio right now. I still feel it's the most bizarre thing ever...

19 Jun 2012

Today we're gonna spend a couple of hours in the studio where we'll be recording the new album in a couple of weeks!!

15 Jun 2012

A post about the new album on our Facebook. Check it out!!

13 Jun 2012

We've now also uploaded the new tour video on Vimeo, so our German friends can watch it as well. Check it out!!

12 Jun 2012

Voíla. Check out our new, quite frantic, tour video!!!

6 Jun 2012

Making Death Letters history today. Never had an rehearsal this early. That says something about this new record. Crazy.

1 Jun 2012

Check this out: another cool interview with great questions. It's in English!

29 May 2012

Check out these amazing in depth interviews with me (Duende). Both in English :)! and

27 May 2012

A new video of our German and UK tour is on its way! But in the meantime enjoy this latest teaser vid :).

19 May 2012

Today. Liverpool. Playing Screenadelica at 5 p.m. Boomshakalaka.

17 May 2012

Packing bags for the UK the upcoming days. Playing the Liverpool @SoundCity Festival. Really proud to be part of it! Killer line up.

15 May 2012

We're barely back from our German tour (it was really really nice!!) and already preparing for our UK adventure these upcoming days.

3 May 2012

Victor has a new girlfriend :). He's going to use it this saturday on BEVRIJDINGSFESTIVAL R'DAM. Join the party!

2 May 2012

Who's coming out to BEVRIJDINGSFESTIVAL ROTTERDAM saturday? We're playing 18:20. Only NL gig in a long time...

1 May 2012

GERMANY! You guys got these dates marked in your agendas? And your friends', parents' and grandparents' agendas ;)?

25 Apr 2012

Just had such a nice interview with the German magazine @VISIONS_mag. Man, I can't wait to be touring Germany this may!!


22 Apr 2012

Another awesome poster for our German tour with Face Tomorrow!


18 Apr 2012

These awesome posters just arrived for our German tour in May with buddies @face_tomorrow. RT liebe freunden :)!!

16 Apr 2012

Another teaser vid! Us in our rehearsal space. Snippets of songs for the new record... and some goofing around too.

12 Apr 2012

I'm (Duende) gonna take my first flamenco private dancing lessons. For something really special we're working on ;). More info soon!

9 Apr 2012

All you rascals enjoying your Easter :)? Well, here's another little teaser video of a demo for our new record!!

5 Apr 2012

As promised a little lo-fi teaser vid. A guitar excerpt of a demo for our 3rd record. Enjoy boys and girls!! X

4 Apr 2012

Holy shit!! Epic and weird guitarriffage going on here. Getting the good kind of headache! #newrecordalmostdone #studioisnext

22 Mar 2012

Holy shit! Look what this guy did with Mastodon's #Leviathan on piano. Can someone do this for POST-HISTORIC :)?

15 Mar 2012

GERMANY! Here a very dope flyer made by Victor with all German tour dates in May with buddies @face_tomorrow!!


12 Mar 2012

We're gonna do a German Tour with our buddies from Face Tomorrow this may!!

10 Mar 2012

TONIGHT GIG'S CANCELLED!!!! Due to Victor's broken finger. We're very sorry! I elaborate on our FaceBook here:

7 Mar 2012

Having a meeting with our buddies in @face_tomorrow tonight about the hot German tour we're having together in May. More info soon!!

29 Feb 2012

Working on what's probably gonna be my favorite melody on the new album. Teaser vid is almost finished too! X

15 Feb 2012

Yess! Epic riffage going on while I'm demoing more new stuff. Stringalicious!!!

13 Feb 2012

Well, whatta ya know! We were in the Dutch TV show 'BNN's Bloed, Zweet en Luxeproblemen'. With our golden oldie 'Schizophrenic'.

9 Feb 2012

Not to scare y'all, but I'm finishing up a new demo right now that has practically NO guitar on it. Ha ;)!

29 Jan 2012

And yet again I just finished a demo for the new album. This new record is gonna be TRIPPIN' yo!! Hopefully some teaser vids soon...

20 Jan 2012

I'm demoing a rather sweet song tonight.. which most likely is going to be the opening song on our new record.

16 Jan 2012

Rehearsal day.. and now we see what serious business happened on Eurosonic, haha. #bloodstain

14 Jan 2012

Ohhh Eurosonic @ESNSnl! What a way to kick off 2012. Loved it. Thank you so much!! Even a security guy bought a cd. Beautiful.

13 Jan 2012

Tonight kick off for 2012 #Eurosonic @ESNSnl. Playing Het Paleis Brasserie at 22:55. PLUS a brand new song!! Don't ya miss it.

9 Jan 2012

Just came back from rehearsal. Practiced another NEW song. Which we're gonna play this friday at #Eurosonic @ESNSnl. Don't miss it!!

8 Jan 2012


8 Jan 2012

The last 6 months of 2011 were insane, surreal but most of all BEAUTIFUL to us. Check out this new video ;)!!

6 Jan 2012

Next week, Friday 13th, we're gonna play the amazing #Eurosonic @ESNSnl festival in Groningen. Spread the word if you're there!!


3 Jan 2012


In about 2 weeks we will play at the Eurosonic festival in Groningen and we're SIKED!! 

we'll at:
Het Paleis, brasserie
From 22.55 till 23.25     


1 Jan 2012

Happy new year motherfuckerssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30 Dec 2011

Holiday? Heck no! I'm working on some serious dark sounding new tracks. #SpookyYetUplifting

24 Dec 2011

MERRY CHRISTMASS!! Thank you so much for supporting us. Seriously. Let's make it a good one next year, alright? See you soon. Kisses.

22 Dec 2011

A video is in the making about the shows, crazy shit/highlights this fall. Gonna be a tearjerker, hehe ;)! What a year this has been.

18 Dec 2011

Check out this video of our performance at the 3voor12 song van het jaar awards.


15 Dec 2011

Sooo! Tonight playing the Song of the Year broadcast. Aired on and TV We're on at 21:15! Who's watching?

14 Dec 2011

Tomorrow is Song of the Year broadcast. It'll be aired on 3FM radio and TV channel We're playing 21:15!!

13 Dec 2011

Tonight's keywords for me are #Fear'sFace #Utrecht #Duende #Dancing... A bit cryptic but more news on that very soon...

11 Dec 2011

This thursday we're playing at 'Song of the Year' broadcast of @3VOOR12. Alongside @Finkmusic @roosbeef @Kensingtonband and many others!

10 Dec 2011

You can still vote for 'Temporary Frame' as best single of the year 'til monday 23:57 :)! Vote, vote, vote.

7 Dec 2011

Check out these killer pics of our show at #Trix, Antwerp!!

6 Dec 2011

One week left to vote for our 'Temporary Frame' for best single of the year!! Go, go, go :). #3voor12

3 Dec 2011

Backstage #Trix Antwerp. Awesome venue! And check out this guy who's smiling at me like this all the time..

2 Dec 2011

The end of our NL tour. @veraclub Groningen we love you dearly!! xoxo

1 Dec 2011

Hello @veraclub. So good to be here!

29 Nov 2011

Just realised our show in @veraclub this thursday is gonna be one of the last shows in NL for a while.. it's mainly abroad next year.

27 Nov 2011

Okay Hilversum @deVorstin. Just wanna say you were beautiful! Thank you so much for all the love and respect. Wow. See you soon!

26 Nov 2011

Let's dance tonight! @deVorstin

25 Nov 2011

Check out this awesome poster Vera made for us!!

25 Nov 2011

Great great news!! We are playing the EUROSONIC festival in Groningen on the January 13th. That's a big deal to us! Hell yeah.

22 Nov 2011

Today the Belgian Converse Mixtape 4 of '22 Tracks' has been released. We're track #1 again!!

19 Nov 2011

Hengeloooooo @MetropoolHgl!!!!! Shiiiit. What a vibe! 2 encores? Damn, you're too kind. Thank you so much. Love!

18 Nov 2011

Tonight HENGELO @MetropoolHgl!! We are about to explode. It's gonna be a bloody good one tonight. I promise!!

16 Nov 2011

Belgian friends! We are so happy to be playing #Trix in Antwerpen 3rd of december. Thanks to @ConverseBLX!

15 Nov 2011

Yes! We've been nominated for best song of the year by @3VOOR12. With #TemporaryFrame. You can vote for us here!

12 Nov 2011

Tonight @Perron55 Venlo! Double bill with @face_tomorrow. Gonna be beautiful! Like minded musicians that play and like intense music.

11 Nov 2011

Tonight @podiumasteriks in Leeuwarden. Tell your friends, tell your parents and your family and share the night with us!! Shit yeah.

8 Nov 2011

Friday playing @podiumasteriks in Leeuwarden! And Saturday @Perron55 Venlo with our buddies in @face_tomorrow. Gonna be good!!

6 Nov 2011

Haarlem @patronaat023 oh yes it was a bloody nice one last night. Thank you!!

5 Nov 2011

Damn. @Bibelot that show was INTENSE as fuck!!! Wow. Still buzzing. Thank you so much. #BestDordrechtShowEver

4 Nov 2011

Yes! @Bibelot long time no see.

4 Nov 2011

Tonight @BIBELOT!!! #Dordrecht #Hometown. With friends @SAsInAssassins supporting. We. Are. Stoked.

3 Nov 2011


2 Nov 2011

Belgium! We're playing Trix, Antwerp on december 3rd. FREE ENTRANCE! With @Psycho44music. It's gonna be good!

1 Nov 2011

Dutch interview with me about us being featured in the popular #NHL12 game. #3voor12

29 Oct 2011

Alright tonight @Effenaar Eindhoven!! Dutch Design Festival. We play at 00:30. We're all nocturnal creatures, right?! Be there! # fb

28 Oct 2011

Tomorrow playing @Effenaar Eindhoven!! During the Dutch Design Festival. #EindhovenRockcity

27 Oct 2011

Was just thinking about this. It still is so awesome!! #TemporaryFrame

25 Oct 2011

We're featured in the new #NHL12 game of @EA #ElectronicArts. Check out this video!

22 Oct 2011

Thank you USA and to everyone we talked to, played with, bought merch and everything. We'll be back!!

21 Oct 2011

Onze mooie NL najaarstour! 29 okt @Effenaar 4 Nov @Bibelot 5 Nov @patronaat023....

20 Oct 2011

Today last show of this USA tour. Today playing #CMJ at @TheDelancey. We're on at 3 P.M!! It's on 168 Delancey. See you there NY!

19 Oct 2011

Tonight playing the #CMJ festival. We're playing @ The Local 269 tonight 8 P.M. It's on 269 east houston street. First NY gig!!

18 Oct 2011

New York!! Seen some classic movie scenery already. Today day off and the next two days playing #CMJ fest!

17 Oct 2011

Best show of the tour tonight. Austin, you are so fucking special. Thank you so much. See you very soon. Tomorrow flying to New York!

16 Oct 2011

A little back in Austin video me made ;).

15 Oct 2011

Tonight playing Hole In The Wall Austin, TX. The place where we had our first ever USA gig. It's gonna be EPIC!

15 Oct 2011

AUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're home.

15 Oct 2011

Just got back in Seattle. In a couple of hours we'll be on a plane to Austin TX. Our second home ;)! Doing 2 gigs there. Awesome!

14 Oct 2011

Check out this interview we did with Newestra @ Culture Colide!

14 Oct 2011

That was the west coast for us! Tomorrow day off in Seattle and at midnight flying to...... AUSTIN TX, BABY!!!

13 Oct 2011

That's it for Seattle today, but we'll be back tomorrow! Today it's Coeur D'Alene for us. To play The Grail Venue. EPIC!!!

13 Oct 2011

Thank you Seattle for making us feel at home. It was awesome! Tomorrow playing Coeur D'Alene at #TheGrailVenue. Last west coast show!

12 Oct 2011

Heading for Seattle. City of so many great great bands! Playing The Funhouse tonight. So stoked about playing Seattle. Shit yeahhhh!

12 Oct 2011

Portland! Thank you so much for the love and kind words. Tomorrow heading for Seattle. Man, this tour still feels surreal #blessed.

11 Oct 2011

Hell yeah! We made it to Portland. What a killer 12 hour drive. Beautiful landscapes. Tonight playing Ash Street Saloon. Sweet!!

11 Oct 2011

Santa Cruz you've been very very good to us!! The world is our oyster.... we were told :). Now hitting the road to Portland!

11 Oct 2011

After a 6 hour drive we're in Santa Cruz. Tonight playing in The Blue Lagoon with @magnusonband. Gonna be good!

9 Oct 2011

Last night Taix was a intense one. Loved it! Today last day LA. Tomorrow driving up to Santa Cruz.

8 Oct 2011

Good vibes LA. It was a nice one last night!! #CultureCollide. Tonight playing 10 pm at Taix! Now doing a couple of interviews.

8 Oct 2011

We love LA!! Tonight playing at Taix #CultureCollide Festival @FILTERmagazine. We're on at 6:10 pm. Let's get wild :)!

7 Oct 2011

We're in LA!!! Hell yeah. What a trip. Been on the road for 27 hours. Tomorrow playing #CultureCollide festival @FILTERmagazine!

6 Oct 2011

Okay, USA here we come! First stop: Los Angeles #CultureCollide Festival. So insanely excited!! #America

5 Oct 2011

Tomorrow we're starting our 3 week USA tour. Fuck, we are stoked as hell!! It's gonna be beautiful. Today is packing day :).


27 Sep 2011

Hi guys,


Almost everything is all set for our USA tour in October, just a couple of weeks to go. We're really counting the minutes!

Check all the tour dates here:


7 Oct Taix Culture Collide Festival - Los Angeles - 6.10 PM

8 Oct Taix Culture Collide Festival - Los Angeles - 10 PM

10 Oct The Blue Lagoon - Santa Cruz w/Magnuson

11 Oct Ash St Saloon - Portland w/Magnuson

12 Oct The Funhouse - Seattle w/Magnuson

13 Oct The Grail Venue - Coeur d'Alene w/Magnuson

15 Oct Hole in the wall - Austin, TX 

16 Oct Mohawk - Austin, TX 

19 Oct Local 269 CMJ Festival-  New York - 8PM

20 Oct The Delancey CMJ Festival- New York - 3PM


x Death Letters

3 Oct 2011

On our way to #013 for @ENTERSHIKARI. And what a nice surprise to see this cute couple! #smallworld

29 Sep 2011

Just got confirmed that we're also playing #Mohawk in Austin, TX October 16th @mohawkaustin! Fuck, this USA tour is gonna be KILLER!

21 Sep 2011

Cheers to Rory of @ENTERSHIKARI for wearing our t-shirt. Wicked!

16 Sep 2011

Onderweg naar @Groene_EngelOss!! Met achterin twee baasjes van @SAsInAssassins die openen vanavond. Zin in!!

14 Sep 2011

WE GOT OUR AMERICAN VISA!!! Shit yeah. See you Americans in October. So fucking stoked!!

13 Sep 2011

I'm going 100 miles an hour with these new songs! So fucking rad. Thank you Austin, Texas for (yet again) the major inspiration!!

12 Sep 2011

Check out Converse's 22 tracks. We're number 1! Awesome!!

10 Sep 2011

Vanavond spelen we op @Rocksjlaag in Beringe. Showtime is om 21:05. Zie jullie daar lieve mensen!

6 Sep 2011

We've got POST-HISTORIC on vinyl!! That's right, the real deal. Check it out here in our webshop. So awesome!

5 Sep 2011

Hahaha Victor's reaction to a transition in a new song: 'What?!... Are you serious?'. This new song's a heavy bitch!!

5 Sep 2011

No rest for the restless! We got back from Finland last night. It was killer. And today we're rehearsing new material! #rockclock

4 Sep 2011

By the way. Check our badass gangsta pic in Helsinki :). Yes, we had a great time!

4 Sep 2011

Yesterday Klubi in Turku was a nice one. And our last one... for now!! We'll come back for sure. Thank you Finland! See you soon.

3 Sep 2011

Just arrived in club #Klubi in Turku. Damn, what a killer venue. Really looking forward to play tonight!!

3 Sep 2011

Helsinki was awesome. Beautiful city. Driving to Turku today for our last show tonight in Klubi. These days really went too fast!

2 Sep 2011

Just arrived in Helsinki. Tonight playing in Bar Loose. Gonna be good!!

2 Sep 2011

Goodmor.. uh afternoon Tampere. Today driving to Helsinki. Playing in Bar Loose. We were told it's the shit. So it better be ;)!

1 Sep 2011

We're in Tampere Finland. Had some delay in stockholm. But fuck it! Looking forward to go off in club #Klubi tonight!!

1 Sep 2011

On our way to the airport. Finland here we come!! Our first time there. Hope you guys are crazy motherfuckers ;)!


30 Aug 2011

WOOHOOO!! Wer're going to Finland in a few days!

We're playing 3 clubshows:
01/09 - Klubi - Tampere 
02/09 - Bar Loose - Helsinki
03/09 - Klubi - Turku


29 Aug 2011

Wow! I went to our rehearsal space by myself today and wrote my ass off. New songs in our set in the fall? You bet ya!

26 Aug 2011

Here is our new crazy little video of Norway last weekend!! And yes, everything went to hell... :)

25 Aug 2011

A video blog thingy of Norway last weekend is in the making! We'll keep you posted :).

24 Aug 2011

Check out these awesome pics from last weekend in Norway. We call it the "Everything Goes To Hell Tour" ;).

24 Aug 2011

Psssst... It's Victor's brithday!!!! Congratulate my pal here on his own Twitter world ;) @VictorTDL. Happy birthday homie!

21 Aug 2011

Back home again. What an amazing weekend in Norway. The shows, especially @Pstereo festival, were killer. We'll be back soon!

21 Aug 2011

Wow!! @Pstereo that was one of the most AMAZING shows this year. Thank you so much. Check out this pic :)!

20 Aug 2011

Just arrived in Trondheim. The drive to the hotel alone was amazing. Really looking forward to play @Pstereo festival tonight!!

20 Aug 2011

Tromsø! Thank you so much, you're all so nice. We had an awesome show. Tomorrow up early, off to Trondheim for @Pstereo festival!

19 Aug 2011

Tromsø, beautiful town. The mountains are breathtaking. In a couple of hour we're gonna go off in the #Bastard Bar!!

18 Aug 2011

So stoked we're going to Norway again. Tomorrow playing in Tromsø and Saturday playing the @Pstereo Festival in Trondheim. Fuck yes!!

18 Aug 2011

'Your Heart Upside Down' is featured on the #Converse Mixtape. As number 1!! How cool is that. Nice!

13 Aug 2011

Last night Bremen was fucking KILLER!! Thanks you so much. One of our best German shows! Now on our way to @Rocknrollfest Zwolle.

11 Aug 2011

YESSSSS!! We've got the VINYL version of POST-HISTORIC. So happy! Will post more pics in a bit.

11 Aug 2011

Tomorrow we're visiting our German friends again. We're playing on 'MS Treue' in Bremen. We're on at 23:30! Fuck yes.

25 Jul 2011

This is what you should look like after a PROPER rehearsal day, haha. Out of breath and sweaty!

21 Jul 2011

De VINYL versie van split single met @DeStaat voor held @EricCorton. Alle opbrengst gaat naar het Rode Kruis!!

13 Jul 2011

Sending e-mail after e-mail today for our USA tour in October. And I'm loving it :-)!!

8 Jul 2011

Nu al zin in @zwartecross volgende week!! We spelen zondag de 17e. Wordt de shit!

5 Jul 2011

Check out these cool bootleg recordings @metropolisfstvl 'Death Of The Sincere' 'Fear's Face'

29 Jun 2011

Big news! This october we're playing @FILTERmagazine's Culture Collide Festival in LOS ANGELES, CA!!! Fuck yeah. Back to the USA!

28 Jun 2011

Just read an amazing plan of our director for another music video. Holy shit. We better get all this together!

26 Jun 2011

Check out these kickass pics of our show in @melkweg supporting @ENTERSHIKARI by Brian Krijgsman!!

24 Jun 2011

Check out our new design on it's sooooo kickass!! Thanks to Jan Willem van den Ban of

23 Jun 2011

Did you know we're playing the awesome @metropolisfstvl on the 3rd of July in Rotterdam :)!!! #Metropolis

18 Jun 2011

Yesterday @melkweg with @ENTERSHIKARI was the shit!!! Thank you so much for the dancing :)!

New Video

15 Jun 2011

16 Jun 2011


We are very proud to announce that we are playing the 'Zwarte Cross Festival' this year on the 17th of July!! Fuck yeah.


Ladies and gentlemen the new musicvideo for TEMPORARY FRAME!! Make sure tot read the description for all the credits and everyone who filmed that night.


Vanavond is nog de laatste kans om je filmpje van EKKO te sturen naar :). Hij is bijna klaar!! En wordt superrrr vet. Onze regisseur Barry Annes is keihard aan het werk en is heel erg blij met wat er allemaal is op gestuurd. Dus daarvoor al enorm bedankt!


Voor iedereen die vandaag in Ekko was, erg bedankt! De opgenomen video's voor de clip kunnen opgestuurd worden naar
Als je bestand te groot is om via de normale mail te versturen, kan je ze naar ons mailen via WeTransfer. ( Thanks!


Splitsingle DeStaat & DeathLetters voor Eric Corton nu in iTunes Koop de afscheidssingle en steun het Rode Kruis


Check out the videos of us at 3FM! You can watch them in our 'Video' section.


Check this out!!!! We're on the playlist of 3FM (Holland's biggest radio station) with our new single 'Temporary Frame'! Fuck yeah.


Buy Common Prayers on vinyl or CD in our  shop



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